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Franchises Hit The Ground Running

by | Dec 5, 2018 | News | 0 comments

In future years 2018 may be seen as a watershed moment for Tag Rugby in the UK. Building on the success of previous expansions into Yorkshire in 2015 and Manchester in 2017, 2018 saw Try Tag Rugby further expand by letting its first franchises.

One of Try Tag Rugby’s aims is to spread Try Tag Rugby Leagues around the country so that no matter where you live, you can enjoy playing this fantastic game and being part of the Try Tag Rugby community. Franchising will be a key tool to achieving this aim and the successful launch of both Bristol and Coventry & Warwickshire further demonstrates the exciting potential of Try Tag Rugby.

In their first season, Try Tag Rugby Bristol managed to attract 16 teams. Run by three friends with experience of playing Try Tag Rugby in London, the Bristol Franchise started in April and ran a League throughout summer on Bristol’s centrally located Clifton Downs on a Thursday night.

Try Tag Rugby Bristol are running a sold out Wednesday night League in Horfield at Fairfield High School Playing Fields and a Sunday daytime League at Clifton Downs throughout winter.

Try Tag Rugby Coventry & Warwickshire attracted six teams in their first season before increasing to eight teams in the second half of summer at their Xcel Centre venue near the University of Warwick in Coventry. Try Tag Rugby Coventry & Warwickshire are currently running a sold out Monday night league on the brand new 3G pitch at the Alan Higgs Centre throughout winter.

The Coventry and Warwickshire franchise is being run by Troy Perkins and Alan Robinson, two very experienced former Rugby players and coaches. Troy, a former NRL player currently works as a Rugby coach, working with Wasps Rugby club, and he delivers the RFL’s Sky Try programme in primary schools across the city on behalf of Bears in the Community CIC. Alan is the founder and CEO of the professional Rugby League club, Coventry Bears.

Try Tag Rugby Coventry & Warwickshire Franchise co-owner Troy Perkins said, “It’s been brilliant and lots of fun along the way. It’s a great product and Try Tag Rugby have a model that really works. The support and help from Try Tag Rugby in getting the franchise up and running, especially at the start has been invaluable. It has allowed us to really hit the ground running and get things off to a successful start.”

Despite it being early days, both franchises entered mixed teams into the inaugural Tag Nationals in London in September. The Tag Nationals see representative teams come together from the different Try Tag Rugby Regions around the UK to compete for the Tag Nationals title. This year saw nine regions, including Bristol and Coventry, come together.

The teams from the new franchise areas were always going to be up against it, playing against the more experienced Try Tag Rugby players from other regions but both regions did themselves proud and showed that with a bit more Try Tag Rugby playing experience they are likely to be forces to be reckoned with in the future.

Try Tag Rugby already run an exciting schedule of one day events, however next year there will be two new events on the calendar as both franchises will be hosting their first one-day events. Both events are likely to prove popular amongst teams from other regions looking to take their teams on tour to the latest Try Tag Rugby destinations. Dates and details of these events will be released soon.

In 2019, Try Tag Rugby are looking to add further franchises around the UK. If you are a motivated and energetic individual who lives in an area of the UK where Try Tag Rugby doesn’t currently operate and you would be interested in finding out more about starting your own Try Tag Rugby Franchise please visit