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North London claim 2018 Origin Series

by | May 21, 2018 | News

North London claimed a victory over South London winning 4-2 on Saturday at London Big Day Out.

The event was played as part of the London Big Day Out festival with over 4000 people taking part with other showcase sports on display.

The overall standings for London Origin sit at 5-4 to North London after nine years of competition.

See the album from the tournament


Mixed Intermediate Player of the Tournament: Layo Aromire
Mixed Open Player of the Tournament: Ollie Greenhill
Men’s Open Player of the Tournament: Sam Winter
Men’s 30s Player of the Tournament: Aaron Lombardo
Ladies’ Open Player of the Tournament: Amelia Allen
Ladies’ Senior Player of the Tournament: Emelia Arbouine


Mixed Intermediate
Game 1: North 12-12 South
Game 2: North 11-15 South
Game 3: North 24-9 South
Category Winner: North (1-1)

Mixed Open
Game 1: North 17-9 South
Game 2: North 9-13 South
Game 3: North 10-5 South
Category Winner: North (2-1)

Men’s Open
Game 1: North 8-10 South
Game 2: North 12-12 South
Game 3: North 13-9 South
Category Winner: North (1-1)

Men’s 30s
Game 1: North 5-12 South
Game 2: North 5-15 South
Game 3: North 10-10 South
Category Winner: South (0-2)

Ladies’ Open
Game 1: North 9-12 South
Game 2: North 0-7 South
Game 3: North 3-11 South
Category Winner: South (0-3)

Ladies’ Seniors
Game 1: North 10-6 South
Game 2: North 5-8 South
Game 3: North 11-5 South
Category Winner: North (2-1)

Overall series winner: North 4-2