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Masters Tag to launch

by | Mar 15, 2018 | News

Try Tag Rugby is delighted to launch a Masters Tag League for players 35 and over, to cater for existing and new players looking to enjoy a more relaxed and social league.

Try Tag Rugby Masters looks to follow the same ethos of age graded games in contact rugby that is aimed at making sure that players of all ages and fitness are able to continue engaging with the game in later life. Masters is aimed at enjoying the spirit of the game, and socialising with your opposition after the game.

The inaugural Try Tag Rugby Masters League starts on Thursday 26th April in Richmond, with a Free Taster Session running the week before on Thursday 19th April to allow players to try the sport out or, for new players already signed up, to get a chance to acclimatise to the game. For more details or to sign up, click here.

What is Tag Rugby?

Tag Rugby is a minimal contact version of Rugby, generally played in the 7-a-side format. Try Tag Rugby Masters is the same game but for players aged 35 and over. Matches last 40 minutes, and venues are conveniently located in areas with good transport links.

Tag Rugby is a minimal contact team game in which each player wears shorts with velcro patches with two tags attached to them. The mode of play is similar to Rugby League or Touch Rugby with attacking players attempting to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by “tagging” – pulling a velcro attached tag from the ball carrier. Seven players in each team are allowed on the field at a time, whilst the field dimensions are 70m by 50m. The attacking team has six plays or tags to try to score a try or take the ball down field as close to the line as possible. Tries are worth one point and there are no conversions. In mixed Tag Rugby, female tries are worth two points.

We run Free Taster Sessions that allow you to come along for free to see if Try Tag Rugby is for you, with our next Taster Session at our Richmond league location in Old Deer Park on 19th April, starting at 7pm. Alternatively, feel free to come along to another taster session if you can’t make it to this one.