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North London retain Origin crown

North London retained the Origin crown with a 3-1 series win over South London on Saturday.

The overall standings for London Origin sit at 6-4 to North London after ten years of competition.

Thanks to PSS International Removals our official referee partner.

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Players of the Tournament
Men’s Seniors: Andrew Davis
Mixed Open: Myles Turner
Women’s Seniors: Emily Stone
Women’s Open: Anita Snowdon
Men’s Open: Dean Irvine
Mixed Seniors: Nigela Houghton-David


Men’s Seniors
Game 1: North 8-5 South
Game 2: North 6-10 South
Game 3: North 3-3 South
Category Winner: Draw

Mixed Open
Game 1: North 9-14 South
Game 2: North 8-17 South
Game 3: North 8-9 South
Category Winner: South (0-3)

Women’s Seniors
Game 1: North 9-2 South
Game 2: North 13-7 South
Game 3: North 13-5 South
Category Winner: North (3-0)

Women’s Open
Game 1: North 7-6 South
Game 2: North 4-4 South
Game 3: North 6-17 South
Category Winner: Draw

Men’s Open
Game 1: North 13-8 South
Game 2: North 5-3 South
Game 3: North 6-8 South
Category Winner: North (2-1)

Mixed Seniors
Game 1: North 26-4 South
Game 2: North 15-3 South
Game 3: North 5-9 South
Category Winner: North (2-1)

Overall series winner: North 3-1