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Software upgrade

by | May 1, 2018 | News

We have just upgraded the software that we use to manage our leagues and this upgrade includes some changes to the control panel that you use to manage your teams, track your availabilities, search for ringers etc.

These upgrades are aimed at making that whole section much easier to use on mobile devices, and also include some important security enhancements (including ensuring all pages are loaded via https).

Here are some screenshots of the new functionality, and some details of how they operate

1) There is now a new “Dashboard” page, which is the first page you will see when you log in, and which contains easy ways for you to see your next fixture or booking, or to add players to your team etc:

2) The pages have all been built in a responsive manner, meaning that it will be much more usable on mobile and tablet devices. Here are some screenshots of the main pages that have been changed, in both desktop and mobile view:



Team Details


Fixture Details

3) We have consolidated all your communication preferences into one main communication preferences page, in anticipation of some more upgrades that will be released shortly to adhere to the new GDPR regulations (more on that soon).

We hope you find these changes useful and an improvement over the existing functionality. If you have any feedback or encounter any issues when using these new pages, please drop the software suppliers a note at