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The player chosen to represent Great Britain and the Tag Rugby community as flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Tag World Cup has today been announced.

Kirsty Clarke will lead the Great Britain teams during the opening ceremony in Coffs Harbour on November 1st.

Clarke, (Women’s Seniors) who has represented Great Britain for three years and is a dedicated member of the Tag Rugby community, is delighted with the honour:

“I’m really stoked and excited to represent our talented, diverse and ever-growing Great Britain Tag community in Australia,” said Clarke following her appointment. “The honour of being chosen to represent my country is something that means a huge amount to me.”

Clarke will be supported during the ceremony, which will be live streamed around the world, by a lion guard formed of two players each holding Great Britain lion mascots.

Davinia Murray (Women’s Seniors) and Dave Wilkinson (Mixed Open) will share the honour, and will each be representing both Great Britain and their respective communities. Murray is no stranger to the Tag Rugby community, whilst she plays the majority of her Tag in Ireland she has committed to train with the Great Britain team and regularly plays in Try Tag Rugby tournaments, clocking up 39 flights this year alone. Wilkinson is equally known within the community and has been travelling from Yorkshire for Great Britain training in London and will be proudly representing Try Tag Rugby Yorkshire where he plays regularly.

“We received an unprecedented number of nominations to be considered for the coveted role of Great Britain flag bearer,” said Great Britain Programme Director Toby Hartley.

“On reading each nomination, it was humbling to see just how much passion, commitment and long-term engagement so many of our players put in to this sport which needless to say, this made the decision-making process incredibly difficult.

“On speaking with Women’s Seniors Head Coach Murray Wilson about the appointment of the flag bearer, he was quick to reinforce that Kirsty has always been a talisman both on and off the field and whilst self-promotion is not in her make-up, Kirsty will fly the flag with immense pride.

“Evaluating on many merits, including service to the game, Great Britain representation over the last few years, being an upstanding member of the Tag community, embracing everything we do and much more. The selection panel have made a fantastic decision on asking Kirsty to be our Great Britain representative and for her to be supported by Davinia and David in Australia.”

You can follow the action from the Tag World Cup on the dedicated Great Britain website and Try Tag Rugby social media accounts: