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Great Britain Squads Announced for British & Irish Cup

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, Edinburgh North, Great Britain Tag Rugby, London, Manchester, National, News, Sheffield, Thames Valley, Wigan, Yorkshire

After an exceptional summer of training the six Great Britain squads have been selected to compete in the 2021 British & Irish Cup in Limerick, taking place on the 23rd/24th October.

To be selected to represent Great Britain Tag Rugby is an honour and an exceptional achievement at any time. To be selected after the tumultuous last 18 months that prevented teams from training together, forced sessions online and necessitated multiple postponements of both the British & Irish Cup and the World Cup is an achievement that stands alone in the 10 year history of the Great Britain programme.

In the words of Mixed Seniors Head Coach Andrew Davis “It has been a rather long and at times difficult campaign due to the British & Irish Cup postponements but the atmosphere within the group is electric and the commitment to training first class. This is an absolutely amazing group of people to coach and with the talent we have I am looking forward to getting on the field against Ireland and South Africa.”

The talent in the selected squads is as high as it has ever been according to Mark Roughsedge, the Head Coach of Great Britain Women’s Tag Rugby “The women’s programme is all built around giving us the best shot at building on our 2018 performance at the next World Cup. The British & Irish Cup provides us with a great opportunity to blood new caps and blend that with our more established players. The talent in the women’s game has made it really tough for the coaching staff to get down to two squads of 24. We are so excited to see how weeks of hard work translates to the test match arena.”

The squads blend a mix of experienced internationals with exciting new caps who will be pulling on the jersey for the first time. Regardless of whether it’s a player’s first tour or not “They are really excited to be heading over to Limerick and competing against the Irish regional and international sides. It’s been a long road to get to this point and the players are really looking forward to getting over there to represent Great Britain and test themselves against Ireland’s elite Tag players”, said Kim Parkinson, Head Coach of the Men’s Seniors.

The challenge that lies ahead is not one being underestimated by Will Shepherd, Great Britain Programme Director: “Only once since the inauguration of the British & Irish Cup has Great Britain been able to get their name on the trophy – in London in 2019. This special group of players has the opportunity to go one better and become the first side sent from Great Britain to claim the British & Irish Cup on Irish soil. It’s going to be a very special moment in the 10 year history of the programme.”

Off-field Team Managers have been appointed to help squads with the logistics of the next few months running into the British and Irish Cup as well as the pathway to the Tag World Cup in 2023. They are:
Layo Aromire – Mixed Open
Noel Cuddy – Women’s Seniors
David Dunk – Men’s Seniors
Tim Griffiths – Women’s Open
Mark Pett-Ridge – Men’s Open
Jay Beare and Lois Lau – Mixed Seniors

The Great Britain squads for the 2021 British and Irish Cup:

Great Britain Mixed Open
Head Coach: Daniel Ampaw
Consultant Coach: James Baron

2021 British & Irish Cup Squad:
Jenny Ainscough (London)
Zack Akil (London)
Elysha Amed (Coventry & Warwickshire)*
Daniel Ampaw (London)
Emily Codd (C) (Bristol)
Jake Dunley (London)
Freya Entwistle (London)*
Isaac Fanin (London)*
Tom Farrelly (London)*
Andrew Harkins (Yorkshire)*
Marcus Lampkin (Thames Valley)
Oliva Lampkin (Thames Valley)*
Will Marsden (C) (London)
Nadine Mason-Bertrand (London)
Charlotte Pearce (Coventry & Warwickshire)*
Jake Powell (London)
Eleanore Richardson (London)
Lucy Ridler (London)*
Anna Tolmarsh (London)*
Laura van Krieken (London)*
Reiss Walker (London)*
Simon Welbirg (London)

Great Britain Mixed Seniors
Head Coach: Andrew Davis
Assistant Coach: Jay Beare/Lois Lau
2021 British & Irish Cup Squad:

Jay Beare (London)
Rebecca Calver (London)*
Sam Carter-Allison (London)
Hannah Croucher (London)*
Jackson Dalton (London)
Andrew Davis (London)
Mike Dowd (London)*
Susan Eriksen (London)*
Ronan Farrell (London)
Rocio Garcia (London)*
Alex Hickson (London)
Sarah Jackson (London)
Sarah Jones (London)
Lois Lau (London)
Billy Lyons (London)
Steven Macdermott (London)
Breeda Mac Eoin (London)
Simon Morley (London)*
Pete Murray (London)*
Iain Naylor (London)*
Josh Pavlovec (London)
Ben Picknett (C) (London)
Chris Prout (London)
Shona Roche (London)*
Tristan Ryder (London)
Tessa Saunders (London)*
Amanda Scarfo (London)*
John Stack (London)*
Neil Tannock (London)*
Gill du Toit (London)
Cheryl Woodman (Yorkshire)

Great Britain Women’s Open
Head Coach: David Shipley
Assistant Coach: Cat Lindsay
2021 British & Irish Cup Squad:

Leah Alexander (London)*
Anne Broadley (London)*
Ashley Carson (London)*
Emily Clews (London)
Tessa Crowley (London)*
Rebecca Duggleby (Yorkshire)
Natalie Guest (London)*
Eleanor Hawketts (London)*
Emily Ip (London)*
Emma Jackson (London)*
Katie Johnson (London)
Alice Kendle (London)
Samara Lawrence (London)
Megan Lewis (Coventry & Warwickshire)*
Rach Livingston (Yorkshire)*
Sally Mantell (London)*
Angela McGann (London)
Ellen McGuinness (London)
Kate Merson (London)*
Kate O’Reilly (London)*
Lucy Saunders (London)
Anita Snowdon (VC) (London)
Jade Walker (London)
Hannah Wilson (C) (London)

Great Britain Women’s Seniors
Head Coach: Mark Roughsedge
Assistant Coach: Kirsty Clarke
2021 British & Irish Cup Squad:

Anita Barton (Yorkshire)*
Sam Bedford (VC) (London)
Grace Brown (London)
Nikki Briant (London)
Kirsty Clarke (London)
Stacey Coffin (London)*
Kat Draper (London)
Steffy Geertsen (London)
Naomi Hampton (London)
Caroline Henzell (London)
Sarah Hunter (London)*
Hollie Johnston (London)*
Cat Lindsay (London)
Corinna Litscher (London)
Joanna Miles (London)
Marine Ogier (Thames Valley)*
Sophia Prout (London)
Phoebe Robins (C) (London)
Gemma Robinson (Yorkshire)
Emily Stone (London)
Charlotte Towerton (London)
Alice Tozzi (London)
Frances Wehrwein (London)*
Min Yang (London)*

Great Britain Men’s Open
Head Coach: James Baron
Assistant Coach: Ant Merrett
2021 British & Irish Cup Squad:

James Baron (London)
Steve Barry (London)
Nick de Jonge (London)
George Fox-Edwards (London)
George Goldie (London)*
Oliver Greenhill (C) (London)
Dean Irvine (London) *
Jake Jones (London)
Rex Jude (London)
Elliot McDermott (London)
George Montagu (London)
Dante O’Reilly (London)
Josh Roberts (London)*
Kirby Roper (London)
Myles Turner (London)
Nick Wilkes (London) (VC)
Harry Young (London)

Great Britain Men’s Seniors
Head Coach: Kim Parkinson
Assistant Coach: Ben Smith
2021 British & Irish Cup Squad:

Peter Ainsley (London)
Mark Batty (London)
Johnny Berril (London)
Mike Bloom (London)
Mike Brent (London)*
Mark Crowley (London)
Rhys Davies (London)
Olly Hampson (London)
Riz Hanid (London)*
Raphael Himiona (London)*
Jonny Horsford (London)*
Ben Hughes (London)
Kenny Hunt (London)
Ray Kwan (Manchester)*
Steve Leary (London)
Arron Lombardo (C) (London)
Adam Morrison (London)*
Liam O’Keeffe (London)
Ben Payne (London)
Gareth Roach (London)
Alex Sadgrove (VC) (London)
Nick Stanworth (London)
Matt Whitaker (London)
Sam Winter (London)

*Denotes uncapped player