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After a year without competitive International Tag Rugby in 2020 we are pleased to announce the first Great Britain squads for 2021.

The six teams will be training in preparation for this summer’s Confederations Cup and British & Irish Cup, due to take place in Limerick, Ireland from the 5-8th August. The Great Britain players and coaches will also be getting back on the road towards the rescheduled 2022 Tag World Cup with all eyes on bringing home medals across all the categories.

The national trial held at East London Rugby Club last Sunday saw 120 players attempting to give the coaches some tough selection decisions to make as they looked to break into the squads for the first time. The level of talent displayed at the trial is reflected in over 80 uncapped players being included in these selections.

Following Sunday’s selection meeting, Mark Roughsedge, Head Coach of the Women’s programme said: “The standards in the women’s game continue to go through the roof and this has been on display throughout the EPS sessions and trials. There have been a lot of good headaches for the coaching staff and we have been able to pick two incredibly strong women’s squads that I believe will give us the best opportunity of building on the 2018 Bronze Medal. We are so excited to be getting back on the bus and driving it towards Limerick in 2022.”

This was echoed by Jodie Bijorac, Head Coach of Mixed Open who felt there were amazing players from across the UK nominated to trial: “Who’d have thought we’re in the middle of a pandemic with such outstanding talent and flair on display. Never before as coaches have we been so spoilt for choice by the quality of players and it certainly made our jobs very difficult. A special congratulations to all the players who were successful in selection and welcome to our 2022 World Cup programme!  For now rest up, as the hard work is about to begin.” 

The Men’s Open Head Coach, James Baron supported this, saying “I was very impressed with the quality of the men’s trial this year. It seems that the standard goes up year after year, which is very exciting as we build to the 2022 World Cup.”

Will Shepherd, Great Britain Programme Director said: “I am delighted that the coaches and players across the six teams are finally able to pull on their Great Britain kit and get back to the pitch. We are able to announce six squads of tremendous playing talent that combine exciting newcomers with experienced leaders from across the regions.

“These selections are further strengthened by passionate and dedicated coaches who I know have been itching to get back out on the park. I would like to congratulate and welcome the new selections and wish everyone involved in the national programme the success they deserve.” 


Great Britain Mixed Open
Head Coach: Jodie Bijorac
Assistant Coach: Daniel Ampaw

Elite Player Squad:
Zack Akil (London)
Elysha Amed (Coventry)*
Daniel Ampaw (London)
Phoebe Aston (Coventry)*
Tess Braunerova (London)*
Emily Codd (Bristol)
Jake Dunley (London)
Freya Entwistle (London)*
Tom Entwistle (London)
Isaac Fanin (London)*
Tom Farrelly (London)*
Roseanne Goody (London)
Andrew Harkins (Yorkshire)*
Flo Hodgson-Tuck (London)
Marcus Lampkin (Thames Valley)
Garnet Mackinder (London)
Will Marsden (London)
Nadine Mason-Bertrand (London)
Jake Powell (London)
Eleanore Richardson (London)
Lucy Ridler (London)*
Katie Sage (London)
Laura van Krieken (London)*
Sanne Visser (London)
Reiss Walker (London)*
David Wilkinson (Yorkshire)

Development Eight:
Lewis Bloodworth (Yorkshire)*
Craig Churchyard (Yorkshire)*
Hafa Karim (Yorkshire)
Oliva Lampkin (Thames Valley)
Rajvir Padda (London)*
Anna Tolmarsh (London)*
Simon Welbirg (London)
Barnaby Wilks (London)*

Great Britain Mixed Seniors
Head Coach: Andrew Davis
Assistant Coach: Jay Beare/Lois Lau
Elite Player Squad:

Jay Beare (London)
Sam Carter-Allison (London)
Hannah Croucher (London)*
Jackson Dalton (London)
Andrew Davis (London)
Mike Dowd (London)*
Susan Eriksen (London)*
Ronan Farrell (London)
Alex Hickson (London)
Sarah Jackson (London)
Sarah Jones (London)
Lois Lau (London)
Adoniah Lewis (Yorkshire)*
Billy Lyons (London)
Breeda Mac Eoin (London)
Claire McAteer (London)
Iain Naylor (London)*
Josh Pavlovec (London)
Ben Picknett (London)
Chris Prout (London)
Shona Roche (London)*
Tristan Ryder (London)
Tessa Saunders (London)*
Amanda Scarfo (London)
Gill du Toit (London)
Cheryl Woodman (Yorkshire)

Development Eight:
Amy Allen (Coventry & Warwickshire)
Rebecca Calver (London)*
Rocio Garcia (London)*
Steven Macdermott (London)
Simon Morley (London)*
Pete Murray (London)*
John Stack (London)*
Neil Tannock (London)*

Great Britain Women’s Open
Head Coach: David Shipley
Assistant Coach: Cat Lindsay
Elite Player Squad:

Leah Alexander (London)*
Anne Broadley (London)*
Ashley Carson (London)*
Emily Clews (London)
Tessa Crowley (London)*
Rebecca Duggleby (Yorkshire)
Natalie Guest (London)*
Eleanor Hawketts (London)*
Alana Hutton (London)
Emily Ip (London)*
Katie Johnson (London)
Ellie Jones (London)*
Alice Kendle (London)
Hannah Kent (London)*
Samara Lawrence (London)
Rach Livingston (Yorkshire)*
Angela McGann (London)
Ellen McGuinness (London)
Sarah Morris (London)*
Kate O’Reilly (London)*
Hannah Rickman (London)
Lucy Saunders (London)
Anita Snowdon (London)
Nadine Steiner (London)
Jade Walker (London)
Hannah Wilson (London)

Development Eight:
Emma Blackshaw (London)*
Molly Callaway (Coventry & Warwickshire)*
Frances Davies (London)
Emma Jackson (London)*
Megan Lewis (Coventry & Warwickshire)*
Sally Mantell (London)*
Kate Merson (London)*
Alexandra Newman (London)*

Great Britain Women’s Seniors
Head Coach: Mark Roughsedge
Assistant Coach: Kirsty Clarke
Elite Player Squad:
Abby Bangser (London)
Sam Bedford (London)
Grace Brown (London)
Nikki Briant (London)
Marianne Bowtell (London)
Kirsty Clarke (London)
Stacey Coffin (London)*
Kat Draper (London)
Tegan Fletcher (London)*
Steffy Geertsen (London)
Sophia Griffiths (London)
Naomi Hampton (London)
Kate Hendon (London)
Caroline Henzell (London)
Cat Lindsay (London)
Corinna Litscher (London)
Joanna Miles (London)
Sarah O’Neill (London)
Phoebe Robins (London)
Gemma Robinson (Yorkshire)
Emily Stone (London)
Ann Taylor (London)
Charlotte Towerton (London)
Alice Tozzi (London)
Frances Wehrwein (London)*
Min Yang (London)*

Development Eight:
Anita Barton (Yorkshire)*
Nat Bell (Yorkshire)*
Sarah Crampton (London)*
Nigella Houghton-David (London)*
Sarah Hunter (London)*
Hollie Johnston (London)*
Charlotte McCutcheon (London)*
Marine Ogier (Thames Valley)*

Great Britain Men’s Open
Head Coach: James Baron
Assistant Coach: Ant Merrett
Elite Player Squad:

Steve Barry (London)
Nick de Jonge (London)
Joshua Ede (Thames Valley)*
George Fox-Edwards (London)
George Goldie (London)*
Oliver Greenhill (London)
Tom Higgs (London)
Dean Irvine (London)
Hugh Jarman (London)*
Jake Jones (London)
Rex Jude (London)
Nick Kavanagh (London)*
Elliott McDermott (London)
George Montagu (London)
Dante O’Reilly (London)
Will Powell (London)
Ciaran Poynter (London)
Sam Read (London)
Josh Roberts (London)*
Kirby Roper (London)
Tom Stone (London)
Miles Turner (London)
Ben White (London)*
Nick Wilkes (London)
Tommy Wright (London)*
Harry Young (London)

Development Squad:
Reece Barnett (Coventry & Warwickshire)*
James Baron (London)
James Price (London)*
Alex Ryan (Yorkshire)*
Matt Ryan (Yorkshire)*
Harry Yeates (London)*

Great Britain Men’s Seniors
Head Coach: Kim Parkinson
Assistant Coach: Ben Smith
Elite Player Squad:
Jarred Bassett (London)*
Jonny Bell (London)*
Jonny Berril (London)
Mike Berry (London)
Mike Bloom (London)
Mike Brent (London)*
Mark Crowley (London)
Rhys Davies (London)
Olly Hampson (London)
Raphael Himiona (London)*
Jonny Horsford (London)*
Ben Hughes (London)
Steve Leary (London)
Aaron Lombardo (London)
Adam Morrison (London)*
Rob Murch (London)
Kyle Nish (London)
Liam O’Keeffe (London)
Ben Payne (London)
Gareth Roach (London)
Alex Sadgrove (London)
Nick Stanworth (London)
Andrew Vete (London)
Matt Whitaker (London)
Sam Winter (London)
Tom Zirbel (London)

Development Eight:
Peter Ainsley (London)
Mark Batty (London)
Riz Hanid (London)*
Kenny Hunt (London)
Ray Kwan (Manchester)*
Jack McKeown (London)*
Sam Palmer (Bristol)
Shabeshan Shureshkumar (London)*

*denotes uncapped player

Key Dates for the Great Britain Programme

5th-8th August
Confederations Cup (Ireland) – TBC

7th August
British & Irish Cup (Ireland) – TBC

25th September/16th October
British & Irish Cup #2 (Great Britain) – TBC

Tri Nations South Africa – TBC

9th July-5th August
2022 Tag World Cup, Limerick, Ireland