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Try Tag Rugby CEO, Phillip Browne Steps Down

by | Jul 23, 2018 | London, News | 0 comments

Try Tag Rugby Co-founder and CEO, Phillip Browne has decided to step down from his position effective from the 15th of September.

Phillip Browne has been an integral part of Try Tag Rugby, being the first and only employee back in 2009.

He launched two leagues at Finsbury Park, the spiritual home of Tag Rugby in London, in September 2009 with a total of eight teams. Since then, Try Tag Rugby has grown year on year and experienced a record 643 teams across six regions (London, Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, Manchester, Thames Valley & Yorkshire) during the 2018 Early Summer season.

Phill was instrumental in introducing one-day tournaments such as the Corporate Challenge, International Cup, London Origin, Provincial Challenge, Thames Valley Tag Rugby Championships, Try Tag Rugby Six Nations, Valentine’s Day Challenge and most recently, the launch of the UK Tag Nationals.

Phill was also influential in developing hundreds of would be Tag Rugby referees as he hosted countless referee workshops & forums over the last nine years. He would also never miss a referee social function, hosting numerous referee curry nights and social days out to show the company’s appreciation for all their hard work.

He most recently represented Try Tag Rugby on the International Tag Federation board and was involved in running the Great Britain Tag World Cup campaign, plus successfully helped launch the Bristol and Coventry & Warwickshire franchises to create a wider national footprint for the sport.

He leaves the company in a healthy position and leaves a legacy of the hard work left behind, with the establishment of new leagues across the country, hundreds of new referees trained up and a host of enjoyable one-day tournaments now well established.

Phillip Browne commented, “It’s been an absolute rollercoaster of a journey! I’ve put everything I can into developing Try Tag Rugby and I’ve spilt plenty of blood, sweat and tears for this company over the last nine years.

“It’s been an enjoyable nine years working very long hours and weekends and I think the time is right to step a side. I will still stay on as a director and share holder but I think it’s now time to put my family first and start focussing more on them and on my new venture, Mascord Brownz.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff over the years for all their hard work and dedication and thank everyone who has contributed to Try Tag Rugby’s success; the staff, the referees, the sponsors, the after match venues and very importantly, the players!

“I can’t thank the players enough! It’s the players who make Try Tag Rugby special. We could have focussed on just playing your game and going home, but I tried my very best to build this into a community where everyone is treated like family and I wanted to make this sport as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

“I’ll always look back with very fond memories and be thankful to all the players that I was privileged to meet and share plenty of good times with!”

From everyone here at Try Tag Rugby, we would like to thank Phill for all his hard work over the years and wish him all the best for the future!