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Help our leagues run smoothly as we move towards a new normal after Covid-19 restrictions.


The defender making the tag should place/drop the tag and immediately and take up position standing between 1 and 2m from the mark (no closer and no further). Players should not pass or throw the tag. It will be a penalty offence to be closer than 1m or further than 2m. The play the ball shall continue to take place no closer than 2m to the try line.

Teams will return to swapping tags as they substitute on and off for each other. As such a team in a 7-a-side league will be provided with 7 pairs of tags only from now on.


Teams will no longer be required to sanitise their tags and the ball at every half-time and full-time

Sanitiser will still be carried by the Venue Supervisor and can be requested at any time to sanitise equipment.

Turn-up, play, leave will remain unless there is enough space for a team to safely watch another game without interfering with the substitution areas.

Official Try Tag Rugby after-match socials are returning with exciting deals for players. We are working with our partners to bring these back on a league-by-league basis as soon as possible.


Please continue to bring personal hand sanitiser for your own use.

Please continue to fist/elbow bump instead of shaking hands.

For the safety of others, if you have symptoms please do not attend your league.

Please continue to report to us if you have contracted Covid so we can take the necessary steps.