First published on 8th January 2018, revised December 2019.


Here’s five reasons why you should make playing Tag Rugby your new year’s resolution.

1. It’s great for fitness to kick-start your healthy new year 
Looking for a new fitness idea which is much more than a fad? Try Tag Rugby is for you. It’s like rugby (of either code) but without the contact. It’s quick and you’ll be on your feet running around but games only last 40 minutes in total so it’s a short but effective workout. There’s also the opportunity to play multiple games each day for more hardened out there.

2. You’ll meet a whole load of new people
Try Tag Rugby is super social, you can join as an individual and be put into a team, but it won’t take you long to make a bunch of new friends to play sport with and socialise.

3. It’s cheaper than a gym membership, and you’ll have a bunch of buddies to get fit with too
Once you’re established in a team playing once-a-week, on-going costs are in the realm of £16-£20 a month, far cheaper than most gyms around the country.

4. It’s a good sport for beginners
It’s pretty easy to pick up the rules and in no time you’ll be playing like a pro! We offer Free Taster Sessions throughout the year and there’s always an opportunity to attend a league to see what the sport is all about.

5. It’s a sport that can take you places
If you start now in one of our weeknight leagues, you’ll be set to play in our one-day tournaments later in the year and maybe even be play for Great Britain in the future. Our one-day tournaments are great fun too, a chance for your team to play against teams from across the UK, or your chance to play in another team for the day. You can also enjoy one of our post-match parties too.