Priority Windows

Winter 2020 – Priority Window

Due to strong demand for all our leagues we have put rules in place to ensure existing teams have every opportunity to rejoin their long standing league of choice. Hence all leagues have an existing team priority window.

Once this window has closed we will allocate places in a league to teams who have registered and paid the £100 deposit confirming their place, based on the following priority system.

1. Existing teams who are currently playing at this league in the most recent season (if the league is currently running).

2. Teams moving from other Try Tag Rugby Leagues where a league is not being run in the new season. Or teams which registered and paid a deposit at this venue for the previous season but missed out due the league being oversubscribed.

3. Whole teams of players applying to join a team or teams that previously played at the respective league within the previous three seasons the league ran.

4. New teams, teams looking to move league or teams which haven’t played in the previous three seasons the league ran.

Where multiple teams fit in a category above, they will be prioritised in order of when they paid the £100 deposit to confirm their place or emailed us to book a place (if the team is in credit).

For any sold out Autumn 2020 leagues continuing, current teams will be re-registered and have until 21-days prior to kick-off to reconfirm their place with the £100 deposit. For autumn venues finishing and leagues hence moving to different venues, these teams will need to register through the website. The specific arrangement for each league can be seen by clicking on the relevant league details from our current leagues page, all current teams will also be emailed.

Please note – Despite the above rules, at some venues demand for places will still exceed capacity, so even if your team is category 1 or 2 we recommend not leaving registration to the last minute or you may miss out! If your team wishes to use credit on your team statement, please contact us and we will manually register your team, taking the time of your email as the time of your registration.