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Tag history was made on Saturday 16th July as 108 teams descended on King’s House Sports Ground, Chiswick for TagFest London 2022 – the largest, single-venue, Tag Rugby tournament ever to be staged in the northern hemisphere. While the bulk of the teams were London based, including the Turtles team who won the top prize for an unprecedented fifth consecutive year, there were also teams from Try Tag Rugby’s Yorkshire, Thames Valley and Edinburgh North regions.

Players from Bristol, Coventry, Manchester and Wigan also joined a festival of Tag Rugby that had an international flavour with the addition of teams from Ireland and France. With over 1,200 players across four divisions that each played through Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield competitions it was a truly unmissable day in the growth of Tag Rugby in the UK.

Tournament Director Will Shepherd said: “It’s brilliant to see Try Tag Rugby taking steps forward with every iteration of our flagship tournament. Once again we’ve beaten our personal record for number of teams, while the players are responsible for the standard of Tag growing year on year. The extra time final between Turtles and Cuzzies was played to a capacity crowd that cheered on every tag, kick and try before getting stuck into the afterparty with the same level of enthusiasm! To have such perfect weather to cap it all off was a bonus.”

Thanks to our hosts King’s House Sports Ground; PSS International Removals, our official referee partner and all of our food and drink vendors.


Division 1 Cup Final
Awards and Afterparty


Division 1
Female Player of the Tournament – Anita Snowdon (The Alpacas)
Male Player of the Tournament – Nick Wilkes (Turtles)

Division 2
Female Player of the Tournament – Daisy Mankee (Tagging with Porpoise)
Male Player of the Tournament – Jack Knowles (Sweet Tagoline)

Division 3
Female Player of the Tournament – Jacinta McCarthy (Steve Jugs)
Male Player of the Tournament – Andy Liu (Pretty Little Tryers)

Division 4
Female Player of the Tournament – Katie Keen (Placeholder_1000)
Male Player of the Tournament – James Visser (Taguanas)

PSS International Removals’ Referees of the Tournament
Division 1 – Thomas Ralph – London
Division 2/3/4 – Rebekah Howell – Bristol/Thames Valley


Division 1 Cup

1 (Winners) Turtles.
2 Cuzzies
3 Fun Guns & Buns

Division 1 Plate

1 (Winners) The Alpacas
2 Dunk’s Dragonuts
3 Based Purely on Merit
4 Scorepions
5 Velcrocity TRC
6 Titans – Oceanus
7 TLC (Waterfalls)
8 Tokoloshe Taggers.

Division 2 Cup

1 (Winners) Tagging with Porpoise
2 TTR Tolkien
3 Try Kings
4 TLC Creeps
5 We’re Trying Our Best
6 CC Roosters
7 Betoota Dugongs
8 Ribbon Rippers

Division 2 Plate

1 (Winners) Tagquila Tagquila – Surprise
2 Away with the Fairies
3 Sweet Tagoline
5 Jenni’s Muffintops
6 The OG Tag-agotchi
7 Deidres Angels
8 Loop Me In

Division 2 Bowl

1 (Winners) Warriors
2 You’re A Tagger Harry
3 Dragons Babas
4 Ru Paul’s TagFest Race!
5 Fri-Dye Dragons
6 Tag you senseless
7 The Bin Chickens
8 Cobra Try

Division 2 Shield

1 (Winners) Mike’s Hospital Pass
2 Tag & Trace Mondays
3 AllStars
4 Tagheritas
5 OG Gin it to Win it
6 Eurostars
7 Guardians of Tagalaxy vol. 2
8 The Notorious Z.I.G2

Division 3 Cup

1 (Winners) Royal Arsenal C
2 Top Taggers Club (TTC)
3 Just the one gentleman
4 Big Blue Shrimps on tour
5 Snakes / Taggers
6 Red Ross Reborn
7 The Double O’s
8 At Least We Died

Division 3 Plate

1 (Winners) How I Tagged Your Father
2 Rainbow Warriors
3 ( Pretty Little Tryers )
4 Battersea Poltageists
5 Scrumpeteers
6 Los Siete Tagnificos
7 We Can Tag About This
8 Big Tag Energy

Division 3 Bowl

1 (Winners) The April Fools
2 Southwark-Stealers
3 Salt, Taguila, Lime
4 Real London Irish
5 Thought It Was Touch.
6 Clapham_Cabbages
7 Dragon Slayers
8 Grubber Duckie

Division 3 Shield

1 (Winners) TagFest Tyrants 2022
2 Steve Jugs
3 RipNStick
4 The Tayto Rebels
5 Tagquila Tagquila – Sunrise
6 Ya Filthy Scrumbags
7 Hoops baby baby
8 Footloose

Division 4 Cup

1 (Winners) Tagged your Mum
2 Scottish Dragon taggers
3 Seldon’s Coalition
4 Sexxxy Rugby
5 Chelsea Tagger
6 Tag’exander The Great
7 Tag Behind the Bins?
8 Point where Lofty touched you

Division 4 Plate

1 (Winners) Taguanas
2 Pheasant Pluckers
3 Gone North Tour Team
4 MDR Trespassers
5 Witness the Fitness
6 Triple M
7 Ankle Tags
8 Balham Badgers

Division 4 Bowl

1 (Winners) Tag-osaurus’
2 Tagstreet’s Back
3 C U Next
4 *Pussy*Tag Dolls
5 No Tagrets
6 TagFest Tarantulas 2022
7 Sweet Potato Tries
8 Tag-Addicts

Division 4 Shield

1 (Winners) Placeholder_1000
2 The Shamrucks
3 Insert funny team name here…
4 The Great Tryscape
5 Division 3 Champions
6 Where’s Kevin?
7 Arsenal Riverside C
8 The Notorious T.A.Gs


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