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London Annual Survey Review and Planned Improvements

by | Jan 13, 2020 | General, Leagues, London, News

Following our London annual survey feedback, we’ve comprised a list of improvements we’re working on to enhance our offering to you, the customer.

Whilst there are several areas we’re also looking to improve upon, these topics below were raised multiple times and we’ll be focusing on these as areas to improve in the coming weeks and months.

1. Coaching
You said: “We’d like to see coaching sessions to help improve our game”.
Our action: We are investigating the feasibility of running regular coaching sessions across different levels of the game.

2. Post League Socials

You said: “The quality of league socials in London has decreased”.
Our action: We plan to introduce themed mid-season socials at our venues along with continuing our final’s night socials. We are also looking at improving our pub and post-match venue deals particularly at those venues which are currently lacking in this area.

3. Referee Consistency

You said: “Referees are inconsistent across the leagues”.
Our action: As part of the changes outlined below, we will be able to place more focus on referee assessment and development.

In addition, there are changes to the organisation structure which we hope will improve our overall offering to you.

As of late January 2020, our staff who have traditionally been running leagues will be known as League Administrators and will now be based in our London office full-time. Our newly appointed team of three will be responsible for the administration for all Leagues across London.

Out at the leagues you’ll see our Venue Supervisors, who will run the league during the evening and be the face you see at Try Tag Rugby venues.

We believe this change of set-up will see an improvement in the league administration with specialist staff to handle all the league administration and customer service in the office, which allows the Venue Supervisors the chance to focus purely on your enjoyment throughout the evening when you are playing.

Thank you to all those that submitted their feedback via our annual survey. Remember, at any time you can leave your feedback via our contact form,

As a further development we’ve been working on a set of key principles to help define our working practices and help stand for what we believe in.

We’ve developed these core principles with a view of using them to help improve all aspects of Try Tag Rugby across all levels including; players, referees and staff.

Try Tag Rugby’s Core Principles

We are professional in our training, organisation, and delivery.

We help people meet others and create a friendly, inclusive and welcoming environment.

We are passionate about the sport, have pride in our community and our people.

We strive to provide a community where our players and staff are happy, healthy and motivated to perform.

We strive to develop all aspects of the sport and our people; our players, our referees and our staff.