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London Regions Nationals Selection Process

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Events, London, News

For the first time in Try Tag Rugby UK Tag Nationals history, London players will have the opportunity to trial for their region in 2021.

The trials will be held at one central location, Hyde Park Old Football Pitches, on Saturday 31st July from 2-4pm, with the following split.

East London & West London: 2-3pm
North London & South London: 3-4pm

The Process

If you would like to trial, please nominate for selection by 9am, Monday 26th July. London Regional Managers & Coaches will then assess the nominations and invite a selection of players to attend the trial. These invites will be sent out Tuesday 27th July. Nomination links are as follows.

East London:
North London:
South London:
West London:

Please note Great Britain players and other well established rep players will not be required to trial, but must still nominate for selection. Some nominated players will also be cut at this point.

Nominations will otherwise stay open until 11am, Wednesday 4th August, but players registering after 9am, 26th July won’t be offered the opportunity to attend the trial. Selected players for each region will be notified no later than Tuesday 10th August.