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London Tag Rugby Championships 2013 Review

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Events, London, News

The much anticipated 2013 London Tag Rugby Championships took place on Saturday 17 August at East London RFC. 42 teams registered for the event, playing 136 matches under 17 referees across nine pitches; a UK record for an adult Tag Rugby tournament.

The Champions league was an invitational division, with invites only going out to A grade teams who have made a final throughout 2013. The best teams in the UK battled it out in a hotly contested league, with multiple cracking matches throughout that were won by only 1-2 point margins.

Special guests, the Ireland Barbarians, consisting of Ireland national rep players, made it through to the final to take on the perennial bridesmaids, Tagquila Shots, who were yet to win a title this year but have been runners up on numerous occasions.

In a thrilling final that could have gone either way, Tagquila Shots lifted to the occasion and ran out 4-3 victors with inspirational Aussie, Patrick Wright, producing some sensational form to win both the Champions league player of the final and player of the tournament awards.

The men’s division was won by the touring Tongan men’s o/30s national team who defeated London’s best men’s team, Tag Me Maybe 2-1 in a nail biting final.

The social division was taken out by Shoreditch Park’s Tokyo Drift who were in amazing form and went through this division undefeated.

Off the Tag Rugby pitch there was also lots to excite. This year’s event saw the inaugural Bomb catching Challenge, with Jay Beare and Moya Maggin successfully out catching their fellow competitors to win the respective titles of male and female bomb catcher of 2013!

There was also the now much anticipated best dressed team award! This year’s theme was the Letter T and the event saw by far the best Fancy Dress turn out in the 4 year history of the competition! It was evident that a lot of time, thought and effort had gone into many of the costumes and this made picking the winner extremely difficult! Some of the many fancy dress highlights included Thunder Cats, Tuxedos, Twister, Tribes, Tigers, Thomas Tank Engines, Tank Tops & Ties, Tube Stations and a couple of teams dressed up as fellow Tag Rugby players with names beginning with T (Tom Parsons and Tracey Smith). The chosen winners however were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the Garlic Breed team.

Special guests Tonga weren’t just causing a stir on the pitch, their fun and friendly spirit was causing a real buzz everywhere they went and one of the highlights of this years event has to be the Tongans victory Haka after collecting the trophy.

Less traditional and certainly a lot less cultured was the dancing that followed! Driven by the great tunes being played by DJ Astech there was an amazing party atmosphere!

Unfortunately the party had to come to an end at some point but for those who didn’t want the night to finish Try Tag Rugby organised a bus to take those who wanted the night to continue on to Phibbers.

Thank you to all those who took part for making it such a fun and memorable day, we hope you had a great day and that you will join us again for an even bigger and better event in 2014!!

The final placings from this year’s event can be seen below:

Mixed Champions League

  • Tagquila Shots
  • Ireland Barbarians
  • Southfields Sharks
  • Phibbers
  • Hashtag


Mens League

  • Ikale tag
  • Tag Me Maybe
  • East End Paddies
  • East London RFC
  • Tag Me Off
  • The Honey Badgers


Mixed League

  • Cup Winners – Tokyo Drift
  • Mind The Tag
  • I < 3 Tag AND TTTTTT
  • N/A – tie
  • The Tuggas
  • Phibbers Cubs
  • Saturday Strokers AND Superfriends of Tagerbomb
  • N/A – tie
  • Plate Winners – Lollabies
  • Donkey Punchin Kangaroos
  • God Loves a Tagger AND Trip & Chase
  • N/A – tie
  • Tag Reflex
  • Thunder Cats
  • Eye of the Tagger AND Garlic Breed
  • N/A – tie
  • Bowl Winners – The ProTAGonists
  • Bite the Bullet
  • Boom AND Chipper Rippers
  • N/A – tie
  • Tagtical Operations
  • East London Team
  • Scrotag AND Balham Team
  • N/A – tie
  • Shield Winners – Tagaholics
  • House of Flying Taggers
  • Massive Jugs AND Southfields Team
  • N/A – tie
  • East London RFC Mixed
  • The Ninjas

A Big congratulations go to the following players and teams for winning awards:

Mixed Champions League Female Player of the Tournament: Amanda Scarfo (Phibbers)
Mixed Champions League Male Player of the Tournament: Pat Wright (Tagquila Shots)
Mixed Champions League Player of the Final: Pat Wright (Tagquila Shots)
Men’s Player of the Final: Kasa (Ikale)
Men’s Player of the Tournament: Rory Fearon (East End Paddies)
Mixed Beginner/Intermediate Female Player of the Tournament: Samara Lawrence (Phibbers Cubs)
Mixed Beginner/Intermediate Male Player of the Tournament: Bryan Teuchert (Tuggas)
Mixed Beginner/Intermediate Cup Player of the Final: James Ritchie (Tokyo Drift)
Mixed Beginner/Intermediate Plate Player of the Final: Leon Joseph (Lollabies)
Mixed Beginner/Intermediate Bowl Player of the Final: Dave Joyce (ProTAGonists)
Mixed Beginner/Intermediate Shield Player of the Final: Nicole Callaghan (Tagaholics)
Best dressed team (Theme Letter T): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (aka Garlic Breed)
Female Bomb Catcher 2013: Moya Maggin (Bite The Bullet)
Male Bomb Catcher 2013: Jay Beare (Bite The Bullet)