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Join London’s top League

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Leagues, London | 0 comments

Step up your game by joining the mixed, men’s or women’s Super League.

We are on the lookout for athletic and experienced Tag players, or talented Rugby players from Touch, Rugby League or Rugby Union ready to take the next step by joining London’s most competitive league.

Featuring a strong core of the Great Britain squads, the London mixed, men’s and women’s Super Leagues have a friendly but highly competitive vibe, with a strong social community.

With the 2021 World Cup being held in Ireland, opportunities for new players to join the Great Britain set-up will arise.

For autumn we have revamped the way you can get involved in the London Super League. Instead of opening individual registration for you to pay and be placed in a team, we have opened waiting lists so we can take nominations from interested players. We will then put these players in touch with captains or if there’s enough interest, we’ll create a whole new team of players.

Mixed Super League Waiting List

Men’s Super League Waiting List

Women’s Super League Waiting List

We are also on the lookout for additional mixed, men’s and women’s team who’ve done well in local leagues this summer, to take the step and join the league. Mixed teams have the option of starting out in the highly competitive Rotherhithe & East London A-Grade, before jumping to Super League in a future season.

Register a Mixed Super League Team

Register a Men’s Super League Team

Register a Women’s Super League Team

If you like your Tag Rugby competitive and high paced, and you have ambitions to play at the highest level, we hope to see you involved in the Super League this autumn and winter!