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UK Tag Nationals

Who will be crowned the best Try Tag Rugby region in the UK? Let the UK Tag Nationals decide!

Held for the first time in 2018, the UK Tag Nationals brings together teams from each of the different Try Tag Rugby regions around the UK to battle it out to see which region will be crowned the UK Tag National Champions.

Besides representing your country, there is no greater honour in Tag Rugby than representing your region at the UK Tag Nationals. It’s the ultimate test, bringing together the best of the best from all over the UK.

The UK Tag Nationals are open to any person who is a registered Try Tag Rugby player during the regions Early Summer or Summer season. Although players of any nationality can get involved, as this is the highest level of Tag below the International level, the UK Tag Nationals will also form a key part of the Great Britain selection process, with all players with aspirations to play for Great Britain expected to get involved.

Regions can enter teams in Mixed, Men’s and Women’s, in 2022 a Men’s 40s was introduced. 


Due to its size the London region is split into North, South, East and West. Which area a player is eligible for will be based on which league(s) they play during that year’s Early Summer or Summer Seasons. If playing in multiple leagues across multiple regions, players must select one region to represent.

All other regions and franchises will enter teams.

Each UK region will have a Regional Manager plus a Team Manager and Captain for each team. The management team will have the final input on which players will be selected to represent their region.



Mixed Open: South London Seals Green
Women’s Open: West London Wolves
Men’s Open: West London Wolves
Men’s 40s: East London Eels


Mixed winners: South London Seals #1
Men’s winners: East London Eels
Women’s winners: West London Wolves


Mixed winners: South London (6-2 win over Yorkshire)
Men’s winners: North London (2-0 win over Yorkshire)
Women’s winners: South London (3-1 win over West London)

Full results and tables can be viewed here.


Winners: East London (Mixed)


East London*770014
North London*770114
South London860212
West London83238
Thames Valley81254

*East London and North London were due to play in the final pool game but with both teams already qualifying for the final, a longer final was played instead after discussion with the management staff.