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If you’re interested in giving refereeing a try or just want to find out a bit more about what’s involved, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

No previous refereeing experience is needed as free training is provided.


Referees are absolutely integral to Tag Rugby and a huge reason why people enjoy the sport so much, as a referee you can be a large part of the reason why players have so much fun!

Players aren’t the only ones who can have fun in Tag Rugby, refereeing can be both rewarding and fun!

Become a Referee

Get paid

New referees start out on £10 per 40 minute game and can increase this up to £14.50 a game the more they referee!

There are also increased levels of pay for referees who complete a full season. Referees typically receive payment by bank transfer 3-4 days after the games.

Become a Referee


Referees typically referee three 40 minute games in an evening so it’s a great way to get or keep fit.

Why pay to join a gym, when you can be paid to exercise for two hours instead!

Become a Referee

Learn the game

Learning to referee is a great way to understand the game from a whole new perspective.

If you’re a player looking to improve your game, what better way than to give yourself an edge by knowing the rules and improving your decision-making skills!

Become a Referee


Designed to fit around your lifestyle, referee as much or as little as you like. We have referees that referee one game a year up to others who referee 10 games a week.

You dictate how often you referee so it really can fit around your lifestyle and the leisure activities.

Become a Referee

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