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We have decided that the International Cup will take a break in 2022, ahead of a review of our minor tournaments before the 2023 events calendar is launched.

The International Cup, whilst always an enjoyable event for players, referees and staff, is also very admin intensive as an individual registration tournament. It depends on the recruitment of enough players from all participating nations in order to deliver an enjoyable event. With fewer Aussies, Kiwis and even young Irish in the UK since the COVID-19 lockdowns, it was shaping as a challenge to recruit enough players to make the event as enjoyable and successful as in previous years.

Spring and Summer 2022 has featured a full calendar of Tag Rugby events across the UK, with the Manchester Autumn Tournament having taken place this last weekend and London Autumn Tournament still to come on Saturday 8th October. Following this we will be running Rugby League World Cup 2021 socials and various regional Christmas parties.

We plan to use the time saved to finalise our 2023 calendar earlier as well as review which events best compliment our major tournaments. The 2023 calendar will again feature the TagFest Series throughout the TTR regions, the UK Tag Nationals and the London Spring and Autumn Tournaments. However, with the UK Tag Rugby scene fast evolving, we think it is only appropriate to review our offerings of minor tournaments. If you have any suggestions on tournaments (both new or old) you would like to see in the calendar, please do get in touch via our website

We appreciate this will be a particular disappointment for those players that have bought their nation’s International Cup kit in preparation for this year’s tournament. Any players that have bought International Cup kit in 2022 will be eligible to claim a free drink at the London Christmas Party & End of Year Awards. To do so you simply need to forward your kit order to in order to receive your drink voucher on the door.

We hope to see the International Cup return in future years. In the meantime, the London Autumn tournament will now become the final major Try Tag Rugby tournament of the year. Limited space remains for teams and individuals.