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Return to play 2021: Player Information

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, Leagues, London, Manchester, National, News, Sheffield, Thames Valley, Wigan, Yorkshire

If you’re signed up to one of our upcoming Leagues please ensure you read the following information carefully at least a couple of days before you’re due to play. 


  • Don’t travel if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, follow the official government advice


  • Team organisers must utilise our new track and trace function to indicate exactly which players participated in each fixture throughout the season
  • Team organisers must submit their weekly squad lists before 5pm on the day of the fixture (1hr before kick-off for weekend leagues) by visiting their online TTR account calendar here
  • To update your weekly squad list, find the relevant fixture at the above link > click ‘Details’ > click ‘Specify Playing Contacts’ > click a check mark in the boxes beside the participating players only > click ‘Update Playing Statuses’ near the bottom of the page
  • Spot checks will take place to ensure all teams are compliant in relation to the above and any teams found failing to comply, or failing to provide accurate information, will be penalised via competition points or removal from the league


  • A venue supervisor will act as COVID-19 officer at each venue
  • Please pay attention to and follow all specific COVID-19 health & safety requirements required by each individual Try Tag Rugby venue
  • Only the captain should approach the COVID-19 officer to find your pitch
  • All players should arrive ready to play no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their kick-off and all players must leave the venue as soon as possible once their fixture is complete 
  • Teams will be designated a specific meeting area near the pitches each week
  • Whilst not on the playing area, teams will only be permitted to store their gear, warm up and congregate within the designated meeting spot 
  • Team organisers will be the only players permitted to approach any onsite staff 
  • Friendly fixtures before or after your scheduled fixture will not be available unless you are notified otherwise
  • After match social. As part of our government submission we were advised we sadly cannot endorse any after match social activities until further notice. We ask all teams to continue following government guidelines when planning any team activities taking place outside of their scheduled fixture times. Prizes for winning teams will be handed out pitch side.


  • Players will be required to sanitise their hands prior to commencing any activity at the venue, at half-time and at the conclusion of the matches
  • Team organisers will be responsible for sanitising all of their team members’ tags after each half, including at the end of the fixture, using the disinfectant spray provided by the Venue Supervisor
  • Teams should bring their own hand sanitiser
  • Both sides of each tag will require sanitation
  • Sanitising can be done efficiently by laying out all tags flat on the ground, side by side
  • Teams will be given a set of 12 tags and each pair must only be used by one player throughout the duration of the fixture 
  • Match balls will be sanitised by referees before kick-off, at half time and at the conclusion of each game


  • To minimise interaction, tag/hire shorts will not be available to purchase at the venue*. 
  • If you require a pair of ITF approved tag shorts for round one of the season you must make sure to purchase online as soon as possible

*Shorts will be available to buy at the venue in leagues run by Coventry & Warwickshire, Thames Valley, Wigan and Bristol regions


  • Dual registration in two teams for the same league on the same night (i.e. two mixed teams on the same night) is only allowed if approved by us
  • Name and contact details for any ringers must be given to your match referee at the venue prior to kick-off
  • All ringers should be arranged in advance and no players should wait around at the venue before or after playing to try and pick up an additional fixture


  • The referee will decide which team kicks-off
  • The defender making the tag should place/drop the tag and immediately retreat to 2m from the mark. Players should not pass or throw the tag
  • Attackers must play the ball where the tag was dropped or directly behind
  • Defenders will be penalised if not retreated 2m
  • When tagged near the try line, the attacking player must retreat 2m from the try line before playing the ball
  • Spitting is a penalty offence
  • All players are reminded that these rule changes are for the safety of all players and attempts to exploit the rules will be penalised as against the spirit of the game


  • Whilst not participating on the pitch during their fixture, all players must maintain 2m of distance between any other person at the venue
  • No handshakes, no close team huddles
  • Please keep shouting to a minimum due to the risk of droplets travelling further distance
  • All players must take special caution whilst at the venue to avoid touching their faces