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UK Tag Nationals – management staff announced

by | Jul 20, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Try Tag Rugby is delighted to announce the UK Tag Nationals management teams.

The inaugural UK Tag Nationals will take place on Saturday 15th September at Rotherhithe St. Paul’s.

The UK Tag Nationals will bring all the Try Tag Rugby regions together to battle it out to see who is crowned the UK Tag National Champions.

UK Tag Nationals Management Teams:

Regional Manager: James Hawken, Team Manager: Jodie Bijorac, Team Captain: Sam Palmer

Coventry & Warwickshire 
Regional Manager: Troy Perkins, Team Manager: TBC, Team Captain: Richard Stevenson

East London 
Regional Manager: Alistair Davis, Team Manager: Terence Hulme, Team Captain: Guillaume Hammersley

Regional Manager: Dylan Barlow, Team Manager: TBC, Team Captain: TBC

North London 
Regional Manager: Verity Bright, Team Manager: Verity Bright, Team Captain: Caroline Henzell

South London
Regional Manager: David Shipley, Team Manager: David Shipley, Team Captain: Gabriela Glassock

Thames Valley
Regional Manager: Adam Lawson, Team Manager: Adam Lawson, Team Captain: Greg Carr

West London
Regional Manager: Steph McCabe, Team Manager: Dave Matkov, Team Captain: Adric Mason

Regional Manager: Carl Duckels, Team Manager: TBC, Team Captain: Dave Wilkinson

To find out more about the UK Tag Nationals, and to nominate yourself for a postion in one of the squads, click here.