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Valentine’s Day Challenge success

by | Feb 19, 2018 | News

The annual Valentine’s Day Challenge took place on Saturday with a record 80 players taking part.

​The popular event, now in its fifth year, was played at the brand new state of the art Waterloo venue with its excellent 3G surface. The taggers were treated to an action packed afternoon of tag, brilliant sunny weather and a lively after-party.


Action & Awards


Champions: Females Group 1 (Jacqui Henderson, Leah Horan, Elaine Lynch, Tracey Smith (c), Emily Stone)
Male Player of the Tournament: George Fox-Edwards (Males Group 8)
Female Player of the Tournament: Emily Stone (Females Group 1)

Champions: Males Group 7 (Thomas Giles, Terence Hulme, Rory Lassen (c), Shabeshan Sureshkumar)
Male Player of the Tournament: Shabeshan Sureshkumar (Males Group 7)
Female Player of the Tournament: Alex Sims (Females Group 4)

Battle of the Sexes Results
2PM: Females Group 1 & 4 (15) def Males Group 5 & 8 (8)
2PM: Females Group 2 & 3 (6) drew with Males Group 6 & 7 (6)
4PM: Males Group 5 & 8 (9) def Females Group 1 & 4 (6)
4PM: Males Group 6 & 7 (11) def Females Group 2 & 3 (9)

Overall Winners: Males (2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss)

Note: Each player from each gender was given a unique number. The losing gender from the battles of the sexes matches had to buy their opposing number from the winning gender a beverage.

Battle of the Sexes Rules: The male vs female matches are played 6 males Vs 7 females (female tries worth 3 points and females have to have both tags removed to constitute a tag).