Standard Tag Rugby shorts

If you’re new to Tag Rugby, and Try Tag Rugby leagues in particular, the options surrounding what to wear can be quite daunting. Within Try Tag Rugby Leagues in the UK, and other International Tag Federation (ITF) nations, including Oztag in Australia and Irish Tag Rugby Association Leagues, players are required to wear ITF approved shorts or tights.

All Try Tag Rugby Shop Tag Rugby shorts and tights are ITF approved. Most players when they first try Tag Rugby opt for Hire Shorts, with most stepping up to standard black shorts, or standard black tights soon after. Whilst our standard shorts are perfectly comfy, many players will soon move to something a little more snazzy! We produce a number of Tag Rugby shorts and Tag Rugby tights throughout the year which are also available at our tournaments. If you don’t see a design you like, there’s a final option for you and your team. Custom designed shorts and tights, singlets and jerseys. Find out more by visiting our custom kits page.