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Hi everyone! It’s Grace.

Here’s something everyone knows but hardly anyone does: you should warm up before any type of physical exercise.

We often don’t do it because of time constraints and because most people aren’t sure exactly what they should be doing in a warm up.

So why is warming up so important?

Do you want to play well? Do you want to run off after the game uninjured? You do, right?!

Even if it’s a social sport, preparing your body is still so important.

Whether you do other training or not, this quick warm up will prepare your muscles so they are nice and warm and ready for you to sprint around the pitch. Warm muscles means you have plenty of blood flowing to your muscles, delivering oxygen and energy, which help you move. Cold muscles and ligaments are much more susceptible to strains, tears and other injuries.

Another bonus: I know most people end up rushing straight from work to your match but this quick ten minutes will also help you get your brain in match-mode and away from the stresses of the day.

Here’s a little warm up that you can do before you hit the pitch for your next match. This should take around 10 minutes, once you are familiar with the movements. Tap the exercise name to see a video demo of each movement (apart from jog, I assume that needs no demonstration).

Pro Tip: bookmark this page so you can reference this warm up before your next match!


Warm Up


1. Jog
Take a slow jog around the pitch.
Reps and Sets: 2-3 min


2. Walking Lunges

Reps and Sets: 2 sets, 6 each side, alternating side to side
Tip: Focus on keeping body upright so core is switched on. Drive the knee forward and activate glutes in each step. 


3. Static Side Lunges 

Reps and Sets: 2 sets, 6 each side,  alternating side to side
Tip: Focus on tracking the knees over the toes when you go from side to side. Also keep body upright. 


4. Walking High Knees

Reps and Sets: 2 sets, 8 each side, alternating
Tip: Make sure you are driving your knee high as go up onto toes on each step. Don’t forget to use the arms.


5. Karaokes 

Reps and Sets: 2 sets, 10 each way, alternating
Tip: Alternate the legs, the idea is to be sharp and quick with the feet.


6. Side Step

Reps and Sets: 2 sets, 10 each way
Enjoy this slow mo video where I barely manage to keep a straight face!


Dynamic Stretches

7. Downward Dog to Pedalling knees for Calf Stretch 

Reps and Sets: 2 sets, 10-15 each side, alternating
Tip: Try not to go too fast and focus on the calf stretch.


8. Downward Dog to Straight Arm Plank

Reps and Sets: 2 sets of 5 rotations
Tips: Soften the knees to help get the DW dog positioning .


9. Rocking Hip Flexor Hamstring Stretch Flow 

Downward Dog to Straight Arm Plank to Hip Flexor Stretch
Reps and Sets: 2 sets of 6 reps each side
Tip: Keep hold of the foot with the Rocking Hip Flexor Hamstring Stretch.


10. Floor Bridges

Reps and Sets: 2 sets of 10 reps
Tip: Make sure feet are not to far away from the bum, think about scraping your feet towards your bum in your shoes to really activate the hamstrings/glutes.


11. Single Leg Bridges

Reps and Sets: 2 sets of 6 on each side
Tip: Try to keep the hips neutral, and think about scraping your feet towards your bum in your shoe to really activate the hamstrings/glutes.


12. Calf Raises

Reps and Sets: 2 sets of 10 reps
Tip: Flat feet onto toes, try to pause at the top to create tension on the calves.


Over the next few months I’ll be covering different topics – for everyone from beginner to elite level tag players – such as injury prevention, mobility and warm-ups, beginner strength training, and many more. I’ll even throw in some programming for you to try.

You can also find me writing for my blog, Strong Words, on Instagram @gracebrownfitness,on Facebook or on the rugby pitch!

If you have anything you would like me to cover on the Try Tag Rugby blog, hit me up on

Grace Brown is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and PT based in London. She has played Tag Rugby since 2013, and is a long-standing player for Team Great Britain. Her greatest Tag Rugby achievement to date was representing the first ever Women’s GB Team to go to a World Cup in 2018 in Australia.

Grace has been competing in representative sport since she was 12, representing her country in Table Tennis, Track and Field and Tag Rugby.

Her love of sport crossed over into her career early on, and she has been dedicating her skills to helping everyone from professional athletes to everyday human beings achieve their goals in and out of the gym for over 10 years.

You can find Grace on Facebook and Instagram with @gracebrownfitness, and at her website where she also writes for her blog, Strong Words.