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We are excited to share the vision of Great Britain Tag Rugby over the coming years with a focus on the 2021 World Cup and sincerely hope we encourage all players who share the vision and consider their participation.

Representing Great Britain is a huge honour and as we have proven, one that is capable of winning World Cup medals. With such honour and reward, of course comes a huge amount of commitment, dedication and desire on the part of every player and the coaching teams.

The vision is very clear. Great Britain Tag Rugby is focusing on building and fielding the most competitive squads in time for the 2021 Tag World Cup in Ireland. Along the way, we will be hosting and no doubt visiting Ireland to compete in the 2019 and 2020 British & Irish Cups.

Selection for any GB Team over the coming two years is not reflective of the teams that will be selected for the World Cup, they are very much a stepping stone. It is for this reason that Great Britain & Ireland have adapted the age categories for the 2019 & 2020 B&I Cups so players can play in the same pool of players on the build up to 2021. This will enable us to genuinely grow a significant pool of players in each category creating depth and breadth across the development squads for 2021. Example of the above: Women’s Seniors in 2021 will remain as 27+. For 2019 this will be 25+. 2020 will be 26+ and so on so that come 2021, players are of the correct age and will have played together for two years.

Try Tag Rugby will be appointing a Great Britain Coaching Team to build and deliver on this 2021 vision which will include their attendance at specific events as well as trials and visiting leagues across the country to ensure no talent is untapped.

Key dates for your diary:

6th April
Spring Tournament – If you were lucky enough to register in time, Coaches and Scouts will be there

11th May
London Origin – This is  a high level tournament, we are expecting to see our high level players register for selection. Coaches & Scouts will be watching

2nd June
GB Trials 1 – This will be the first round of trials, players to be considered for B&I 2019 and beyond will be expected to attend 1 of the 2 trials

8th June
TagFest London – The biggest event Try Tag Rugby will ever have hosted, with unlimited capacity for team and individual entry. Coaches & Scouts will expect to see you there.

23rd June
GB Trials 2 – This will be the second round of trials, players to be considered for B&I 2019 and beyond will be expected to attend 1 of the 2 trials

26th June
B&I 2019 Squads to be announced

27th/28th July
GB Training Camp – B&I selected players expected, development pool welcome

7th September
British & Irish Cup – London

Register your attendance to trials and get yourselves signed up to the relevant tournaments on the Try Tag Rugby event page –

Sign up for GB Trials here
(Exact timing to be confirmed shortly)

Any questions, please email