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At Try Tag Rugby we love what we do and we have fun doing it! We are very lucky to work in an industry we have an interest in and that we are passionate about.

Seeing your hard work resulting directly in more people getting involved and enjoying themselves can be hugely rewarding.  It’s also amazing to see the positive impact Try Tag Rugby has on people’s lives, whether that be through them making new friends or improvements to both physical and mental health.

As a licensee if you add in the benefits of owning your own company and being your own boss, then for many it is that dream job they have been looking for!


The reason we call our licence areas Regional Communities is because Try Tag Rugby is more than just a sport or a business.  We take great pride in players saying that playing Try Tag Rugby is like becoming part of a giant family.

The fun social scene that develops around our leagues and from being part of a team is a big draw for our players and makes participation about more than just the game itself.

Part of the role of running a Try Tag Rugby League is about maintaining that social buzz!

What makes a good Licensee?

The key factor for us when deciding to let a licence is you, the person.

We know we have a model that works, but for a Regional Community to reach its full potential requires a certain type of person.

You don’t need to have managed a business or a sports league before but you do need to be energetic, organised, ambitious and willing to work tirelessly with a “can do” attitude to achieve your goals.


Try Tag Rugby was started in London in 2009 and has since grown rapidly with its popularity in London now being mirrored elsewhere around the UK.

In early summer 2019 Try Tag Rugby saw 788 teams, approximately 9500 players, playing weekly across the UK. So far, we have established popular Try Tag Rugby leagues in Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, London, Manchester, the Thames Valley, Wigan and Yorkshire, but that’s just the start!

Whether you are looking for a full-time career change or something part time to run alongside your existing career we have a flexible and scalable model that can be designed to work for you.

Starting a business as a licensee gives you a head start. You still get all the benefits of running your own business but with a reduced level of risk. We have already done all the hard work perfecting the business model and learning what works. This allows you to grow quicker, get bigger and have a greater chance of success than if you were alone. You also get the benefits of being part of the Try Tag Rugby team.

We will not only give you everything you need to get your Regional Community off to a flying start, but you also benefit from having our experienced staff on hand to help and support you at each step of the way as you build your own successful business.

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