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Common Questions

Do I need any rugby experience to play Tag Rugby?

No. Tag Rugby is an easy game to learn, and there are many players taking part in our competitions who have never played any form of rugby before. New players and teams are able to learn the game in our beginner standard leagues. Very experienced Rugby League and Rugby Union players do also play the game and if you are one of these players our A-Grade leagues will be a good test of your skills and fitness.

Do I need to be super fit to play Tag Rugby?

No. Tag Rugby can be played by players of varying levels of fitness. Although games are 40-minutes long rolling substitutes are permitted allowing you to come off the pitch for a breather as many times as you want! Regardless of your starting fitness level playing Tag Rugby is a great way to improve your fitness and stay healthy.


What is the difference between Tag Rugby and Touch Rugby?

There are a number of differences in the rules of Tag and Touch Rugby. The main difference is a tag needing to be removed to constitute a tackle, as opposed to making a touch with Touch Rugby. The other main features of Tag that are different to Touch include kicking being allowed, the ball being allowed to touch the ground and a marker being allowed to stand in the ruck. This means the dummy half can score tries or be tagged.

Isn't Tag Rugby just for kids?

The game of Tag Rugby began in Australia in 1992 as an adult sport. The game spread quickly to New Zealand and Ireland, where in all three countries Tag is one of the most popular adult sports in the country. 

Whilst Tag Rugby is a hugely popular game in the UK for teaching the basics of Rugby to children, the rules of adult Tag Rugby are quite different, providing a more complex and enjoyable sport than the children’s version of the game. Try Tag Rugby also use Tag Rugby shorts in our leagues, as opposed to Tag Rugby belts. This make for a far cleaner and safer game.

What should I do if I want to start my own Tag Rugby team?

Ask your work colleagues. A large number of Tag Rugby teams play with their company’s backing and support. Tag Rugby is a great team building exercise and an excellent way for everyone to get out of the office once a week for a bit of fun and socialising and some healthy sporting action. Try Tag Rugby has a customisable office poster to help you recruit a team from your office. Please click here to download the poster.

Ask your friends and family. Tag Rugby is a great way to meet up with old friends from school or University on a regular basis. And because you are taking part in an outdoor, social activity, you will all benefit from a fitness point of view as well! Plus you can head into the after match venue after the game to discuss the match and catch up on old times!

Ask your teammates from other sports. In recent years, various sports teams such as Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch Rugby, Football, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Basketball, Hockey – even Dodgeball have played Tag Rugby to keep them in shape during their off-season or as an alternative sport one night a week.

Put a message on your Facebook or email everyone in your contacts. With people drawing friends and colleagues from many different social networks, with a little bit of effort it’s not hard to find enough players to form a team. If one or two of your new team mates also contacts their networks, you’ll have a team in no time!

Can I play Tag Rugby if I don't have a team?

Yes you can register as a player to be placed in a team, and after payment is received we will find a place for you on an existing team or create a new team for you and other individually registered players. Playing in a team of individually registered players is a great way to meet new people. Many individually created teams last for years, with team mates becoming friends for life.

If you would like to enter as a group of friends but don’t have enough for a whole team, just enter as a player but specify on the registration form, or by email to your local region, who your friends are so we can do our best to keep you in the same team. Alternatively if you have at least half a team, you can register as a team and email your local region for a pro-rata team fee price. As long as sufficient notice is provided (please email us at least one week before your league is due to start), we can potentially top up your squad with other players. If you are paying a pro-rata team fee, Try Tag Rugby reserves the right to add extra players to your squad to help cover the cost of team entry.

Can I try Tag Rugby before signing up?
Try Tag Rugby offers Taster Sessions on occasions throughout the year, with many scheduled for April heading into the busy early summer season and June prior the summer season. Taster Sessions are run by our experienced staff members, taking you through the basics of the sport before heading into a game. For details of upcoming Taster Sessions and registration links click here.

If you have a whole team looking to play but wish to have a team taster session before signing up, please email your local region by clicking the contact button towards the top right of the website. This often works well with corporate teams where you can publicise the taster session throughout your office or on your work intranet.

If you can’t make a Taster Session but would like a trial in a competition match, this can be often be arranged by emailing your local region. Tag Rugby shorts can be lent to you for the match, please bring a card (ie Drivers license or oyster card) to exchange for the shorts.

How many players on a Tag Rugby team?

In Try Tag Rugby competitions, a team is generally made up of seven people on the pitch at any time. In mixed leagues three of these must be female and four male. With space for full size pitches being limited in London, in recent years we’ve introduced 6 a side pitches at a number of venues. 6-a-side mixed leagues are played with three male and three female players on the pitch. The number of players on the pitch for each league is noted in the league details.

The ideal number of players in your squad will vary depending on the commitment of your players. Generally we have found that most 7-a-side teams have a squad of around 12 players, having 7 male and 5 females. But if your players are highly committed, very fit and not wanting to spend time on the substitute’s bench you may wish to enter with a smaller squad.