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Late Registrations Welcome for Early Summer Season

by | May 5, 2021 | Bristol, Coventry & Warwickshire, Leagues, London, Manchester, News, Sheffield, Thames Valley, Wigan, Yorkshire

As the UK continues to ease out of lockdown, we understand that your personal circumstances and those of your previous team may quickly change and you are now looking to join a league this season. For that reason and for this season only, where possible, we are being particularly flexible in allowing late team and individual registrations into leagues.

If you are looking to join late, please check your region’s leagues page. If you or your team joins a league with space late, we will adjust the fee charged to reflect the number of games remaining in the season.

In London we have deliberately held back the starting date of a number of central London Leagues, to allow space for late joining teams and players as more people begin to return to the office. Leagues kicking off late include Shoreditch East (Monday 10/05 and Wednesday 19/05), Hyde Park Thursday 06/05, and the Hyde Park Wednesday Property League 26/05. Other leagues such as Borough Monday and Canada Water Monday can currently accept late team entries.

In London individual registration prices are being adjusted weekly, so that if you sign up individually you’ll be charged the correct price upon registration for the number of games remaining. We have room for additional women in most leagues and room for additional men in some leagues.

For all other regions, do check out the league details page and if you’re unsure on anything, contact us. It’s fair to assume in most locations we do have room for additional women to join teams and may have room for teams or male individuals.

If you miss this season and are still keen to take part this summer, don’t worry the Summer Season kicks-off at all current venues in late June. Registration for Summer Leagues will open by late May.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.