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After a review of our operating model and stakeholder experience, from February 2023, our London team will begin working to a different operational structure. As part of these changes we are recruiting for a number of positions, starting with Sports League Coordinators (SLCs).

Sports League Coordinators take responsibility for coordinating four leagues in London. They manage both off field league administration such as fixture creation and customer service, as well as the practical side, the successful running of each league day / night at the venue.

The ultimate objective of SLCs is to have high customer satisfaction, leading to strong retention of teams & players, and overall growth in participation.

The SLC is a very sociable job, mixing both office and outdoor work. Our ideal candidates will be extremely organised & proactive, with excellent admin & communication skills, and a strong love of sport.

Download our full job advert here. Applications close 9am, 10/01/23.

About the Restructure
The changes are to enhance the experience for all our stakeholders, customers and staff, with the intention of providing a higher level of service going forward. The overall structure we’re working towards is to have a London team, a Northern team, and then a service hub supporting all our national leagues & events. This service hub will also support our expansion plans, both geographically and demographically over the coming years.